Pham Kim Cuong in Zalo AI event
Trí tuệ nhân tạo AI
Pham Kim Cuong - Founder Cohost AI

The pioneer applying Artificial Intelligence in the accommodation industry.

Cohost AI, founded in 2016, is a leader in empowering Artificial intelligence in the accommodation industry.

About Cohost


A creative solution in the accommodation sector

In the sharing-economy model, there are two main roles: host and co-host. Co-host is the one helping homeowners (host) manage all the business activities in a more efficient and optimal manner. Then, they receive the shared profit based on a prior agreement.

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Milestones of Cohost

Cohost AI's team founder
Cohost AI's team founder


Ex-engineers from Google, Airbnb, and Adobe came together for a mission to create an AI-powered solution for a relatively new sharing economy industry created by Airbnb. The founder, CEO Kim Pham, is a former Google and Airbnb Engineer.


Available in 6 countries with over 2000 properties including 1000 hosts, 700 cohosts, and over 20000 bookings worldwide.

Cohost AI Distribution


Có mặt trên 6 quốc gia với hơn 2000 bất động sản, 1000 hosts, 700 cohosts và hơn 20000 lượt đặt phòng trên toàn thế giới.

Cohost AI's angel investor - Lee Jae Woong
Cohost AI's angel investor - Lee Jae Woong


Successfully won investment from a Korean venture capital fund (Mr. Lee Jaewoong - founder of Daum website valued at about 30 billion USD) and angel investor (Mr. Hung Dinh - founder of VIC Partners).


Available in 9 provinces across Vietnam, with 1184 properties and trusted by 616 hosts with over 9000 bookings.

Cohost AI's team


Tiếp cận 9 tỉnh thành tại Việt Nam với 1184 bất động sản. Được tin dùng bởi 616 chủ nhà với hơn 9000 lượt đặt phòng thành công.


Become a Cohost

Join Cohost for the opportunity to work with leading experts in the field of technology and be a part of our dynamic and creative environment.

Cohost AI's employees
Cohost AI's employees
Cohost AI's employees
Cohost AI's employees
Cohost AI interface mockup

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