Backend Developer

Have you ever traveled experientially? Are you passionate about building Web application products? (we are not an outsourcing company). Do you want to ship products to global users? Join us with Cohost AI!

Job description

  • Develop Web-based applications for Cohost Club - a travel-sharing and homestay platform.
  • Ensure the quality of performance as well as the stability of the product.
  • Collaborate with other team members and departments to build new features.
  • Fix errors and change products to suit operating needs.

Job Requirements


  • Experience in real-time application development.
  • Proficient in at least one Python language, NodeJS.
  • Knowledge of Micro-services architecture.
  • Mastery of RESTful APIs and inter-API communication.
  • Experience working with Redis, Elasticsearch, Mysql, Kafka.


  • Mastery of GraphQL APIs and inter-API communication.
  • Worked AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Used to work with chat systems.
  • Knowledgeable about AI, Machine Learning.
  • Can plan and design systems.
  • Sociable, capable of teamwork well.
  • Ability to self-study and research new technologies.


  • Attractive competitive income & attractive bonuses.
  • Attractive salary regime, 13th-month salary, annual bonus, bonus added on holidays, Tet, quarterly assessment to consider salary increase at least 2 times / 1 year, capacity will be evaluated at the time.
  • 12 days of leave/year with an average salary.
  • Flexible working hours can work remotely.
  • Working in a young, dynamic environment, super friendly bosses and colleagues.
  • Weekly Innovation Awards.
  • Organize meals, and parties every weekend (TGIF).
  • Comfortable nap + lunch assistance/allowance.
  • Provide computers/laptops/working equipment.
  • Being trained & working with leading experts at home and abroad will help you accumulate and improve your knowledge.
  • Business trips are like traveling, sponsored community activities in the team, and exchanged to improve programming knowledge and practical experience.
  • Team Building every year, exploring famous specialties and landmarks in the world.
  • Spacious, airy, and comfortable office; There is a kitchen, cake, tea, café, snack cabinet, or what you like to eat.
  • Wear what you like comfortably so you can unleash your creativity.

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